2020 Gala Cancelled

As you are aware, we postponed our 20th Anniversary Gala in March to a date in October 2020.

In our June Board of Directors meeting we voted unanimously to cancel the 2020 Gala primarily because it is impossible to maintain social distancing during a large event. This was not an easy decision to make, but the health of our guests and ourselves must be our first priority.

We hope to schedule an event in 2021 to celebrate our 21st year, and we hope to see you there.

Gala Sponsors who generously donated to the Conservancy despite the cancellation:




Coastal Getaways, LLC
Arbor Care


Ledford’s Termite and Pest Control


Dr. Jean Feldman
Jeffrey Kravis/Lisa Boyajian
Nancy Klock - In Memory of Homer Klock
Richard & Linda Hoffman
Mark & Mary Wilde

Gala Ticket Holders who donated generously the ticket price to the Conservancy:

Addison, Jimmy and Patti
Agusta, Carol A & Victor E
Barnard, Timothy & Meredyth Patterson
Barron, Alberta
Berghausen, Thomas & Ann
Billian, Paula & Wayne
Boss, Aldrich and Ann-Stewart
Boulware, Barbara
Buchman, Kathleen and Laurence
Buck, Nancy & Randy
Burns, Elizabeth A.
Byczek, Donna and Christopher
Ciancio, Ronald & Susan
Coomer, Karen
Cross, Carville
Dacey, Mary
Davidson, Margaret and Jonathan
DePalma, Jaqueline A.
Doane, Valerie & Mark
Dolinsky, Samuel & Sara Jane
Dostal, Sue
Ferland, Ernest and Susan
Finno, Nancy & Ralph
Fox, John & Pat
Geiss, Beth Ann
Gerstmayr, John and Pamela
Goldstein, Martha & Barry
Gregg, John W & Katie O
Greubel, William P. and Patricia T.
Hand, Barry and Lisa
Haynie, Candice
Helms, Richard and Kimberly
Hoffman, Carol Ann
Hoover, Ray & Lucille
Horn, Amanda and Mark
Johnson, Kevin L.
Kavanaugh, Kenneth & Gail
Kleinman, Bruce & Ava
Knowles, Jeffery D. and Barbara Rehm
Kramer, Randy & Rita
Kyle, Thomas R. & Maryellen S.
Leary, Ed and Lori
Lee, Joyce
Leggett, Robert M.
Leonard, Walt and Deborah

Lynch, Todd and Sally
McCulloch, Warren & Julie
McLean, Clarkson B.
Michelfelder, Ted & Delaney, Gerrianne
Millar, Patricia
Mislowsky, William & Rosalie
Moore, Charles & Martha
Moore, Tom & Julie Ann
Murphy, Patrick & Agnes
Myrick, Edward and Sue
Nerhood, Robert C & Deborah B
Nichols, Beth and Patrick
O'Berg, Maureen T.
Paroli, Pamela and Robert
Penkhus, Dr.& Mrs. Steve
Peterson, Thad & Kelton
Pompe, Kathleen & Jeffrey
Pondelik, Nancy & Joel
Regensburg, Richard & Annalee
Reinhart, George R. & Doris B.
Rumph, Stuart
Sankovich, Katherine
Saver, Linda & Gregory
Sax, William
Scully, Emmett & Cathrine
Seabrook Real Estate
Shedrow, Barry
Siegel, Richard & Cynthia
SMS Tech Solutions
Steel, Roger and Vivian
Steen, Kenneth and Nancy
Stewart, Diane Brock & Bruce E.
Swan, Kevin and Nancy
Thorne, M.J. & Tracy
Vincentsen, Barbara & Martin
Vladuchick, William C & Meloy, Susan M
Walker, Michelle
Ward, Margaret & Keith
White, Herb & Brenda
Whitehouse, J David & Susan C.
Whitmore, David & Melissa
Wick, Bill and Carrie
Woychick, John & Diane
Zielinski, Ann & James